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Phase II Amol Cohort Study Phase II Amol Cohort Study

 | Post date: 2017/10/23 | 
Phase II Amol Cohort Study

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Phase I Amol Cohort Study Phase I Amol Cohort Study

 | Post date: 2017/10/23 | 
Phase I Amol Cohort Study:
Project Headlines:
  • In this phase, we recruited more than 546 HV patients.
  • Almost all HCV patients were cured.
  • We found autoimmune cholangiopathies in 3 sisters and their mothers which must be genetically involved. This could be a nice source of research in this family.
  • We proposed an association between HBV and Fatty liver in our patients. Therefore, we suggest natural course or natural history of HBV among our population. This could be a potential hypothesis for a new research. We believe that fatty liver could increase the viral replication in our patients.
  • We found 2 cases of HCC from patients infected with HBV. 
  • Among our cohort and after 10 years of follow up no patients with Cirrhosis was detected.
  • Consolidation therapy in HBV patients: Literatures said one year after endpoints could be considered as stopping the therapy, but we hold our patients up to 3 years in consolidation. This could be a point for more research.
  • Comparison of returning of fibrosis in patients which cured against HCV with not-cured based on fibroscan results. We can perform 2 times of fibroscan (now and one year after). Normally cirrhotic patients do not return.
  • After DAA treatment regimens of HCV infected patients, there would be a decrease in liver enzymes specially within the first month. We prefer to see the trend of decreasing in liver enzymes after HCV new treatments.
  • Another project will be proposed when we will review the incidence of gall stone in normal population. Besides, risk factors are also very important to be reviewed in normal population.
  • Another project will be the prevalence of IBD in our cohort.

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